Friday, April 11, 2014

Growing up WAY too fast!

Arabella in her favorite ballerina outfit. That girl sure is a girly-girl. She loves anything girly, esp dressing up and PINK! She loves jewelry and hair 'pretties'. Alesandra is more of a tom-boy, but lately has been wanting to dress up in pretty dresses too. Aiden loves his cowboy boots and hat. He is still the sweetest, most kind-hearted boy ever. And Ashton (not in this pic) is such a character, a comedian he is! He will do anything for a laugh. But his true love is electronics, he could play on the iPad all day long if we'd allow him too.
These babies of mine think they are all grown up now-a-days. They love to help out in any way they can. One of their favorite things to do is wash the dishes.

Our sink is just not quite big enough for all 4 of them, but they sure try.
Think Bella has enough bubbles on that plate? And the funny thing is that they put them in the dishwasher when they are done. hehehe
Mrs Becky has been working on different hair styles for the girls hair and I think this one is neat.
In preparation for our learn-to-read this summer I purchased this learning center from Califone. It's 4 kid headphones with a 4-way connector so all 4 can listen to the same thing at the same time. Here they're watching videos but the plan is to have them listen to audio books. I also ordered personal CD players for each so they can listen individually at times and group at other times. Hopefully we'll have some readers by the end of summer. Well, and their school speech therapist suggested the audio books as a continued speech program during summer also.
They even love to vacuum. The problem is that we have all hard wood floors, so not a lot to vacuum. So Allee did the vents.

Ms Thang (aka Bella) thought she found a new way to wear her t shirts, but Daddy nixed that idea pretty quickly. LOL
Allee has the sweetest, purest heart. She is the most beautiful person, inside and out.
My niece, Reagan (Anastasia's little sister) stayed with me a couple hours. She is so adorable.

Watching a video
This is just amazing, even to me. Adrien attended a conference and got to try pottery and just loved it. Of course in our rural area we don't have anything like that available for him. But he didn't let that stop him. After a quick check on youtube and stop at Walmart, he created his own homemade pottery wheel. He used a mop bucket with a foot controlled spinner and pizza pan. He also utilized the minions to work the foot pedal while he created his clay piece. hehe
I have been trying to get to the gym to work out more but it can be difficult at times. Occasionally I even have to take the littles with me. Luckily there is a TV to occupy them.
They snapped this pic of me.
We belong to a community helpings coop, where we buy fresh produce and such from local farmers and vendors as a group and this is one of our favorite meals from them. St Louis thin pizza crust, Imo's pizza sauce, provolone cheese and a loaded salad. Yummy.
Here's the littles working so hard at writing out their full name. Full first, middle and last. The girls had a bit of a struggle because preK only taught them their 'short' name and I want them to learn their full name. But they did it.
I look at these pictures and it doesn't seem like they are my babies. They look like someone else's school age children. How could it be that my babies are now this BIG? It happens so fast. It seems like we went from struggling with daily schedules to this overnight. I am loving this age, 4 1/2 is awesome.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Growing up too fast

Arabella tying her shoes with some help from Mrs Becky.
They have all been working so hard on their 'kindergarten readiness' list, including learning to tie their own shoes all by themselves. They can all do it now, but with loose knots (so we have to retie anyway). But they are practicing. They really want to go to kindergarten. They are also mastering spelling and writing their whole names and counting to at least 20. Well, those were my goals by the end of summer (prior to starting kindergarten), however, I need new goals since they have already mastered these. LOL. Next we are working on reading. They are very excited about that.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Got brains?

Lex's Scholar Bowl team won the county championship.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Toddler Talk

Bella has been practicing "rolling eyes" lately. 
Mom "Bella, I think I may need to take you to the doctor!"
Bella "Why?"
Mom "Well, something seems to be wrong with your eyes, they keep rolling around and can't seem to stay straight."
Sighing and rolling her eyes at me, Bella says "Mom-mmaaa! I just do that myself!" And then she giggles. 
All serious like, I say "Well, you better just NOT do that anymore cause either something is seriously wrong with your eyes and you need to see a doctor or you are being very disrespectful to your mom and I won't tolerate that."
Bella "OK momma"
Sigh, it's so hard growing up sometimes :-/ 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Christmas 2013