Monday, December 15, 2014

Guest post: How To Choose The Right Infant Car Seat Travel System

Amongst the various things that we pay attention to when rearing up our kids, there is no doubt that strollers have a very important role to play. We would as loving and caring parents would always like to ensure that the little one always travels in the best strollers. However, the market of strollers is jam-packed and there are quite a few options available as far as the customers are concerned. Hence, in this article we will try and find out the various points to be kept in mind while choosing a good stroller for your kid. There are quite a few accessories that make up a good stroller and choosing the right infant car seat travel system could often be the biggest challenge. Let us try and unravel this mystery over the next few lines. 

·         Comfort and functionality: One of the most important points to be kept in mind while choosing a car system is comfort and functionality. Having the right mix of both of them is indeed something that needs a bit of investigation and researching. It should have features and facilities like energy absorbing foam and they should also be available in different color.
·         Weight management: A good infant car seat travel system should be one that should be able to comfortably bear the weight of the infant. It should be designed with the future in mind because the child will certainly put on weight as it grown.
·         Adjustable width and length: It would also be pertinent to mention here that when we are buying a stroller seat system it should have the facility to make changes to length and width as the child grows. 
·         Safety of the child is of paramount importance when on chooses these seat travel system for the little one. The seats should be made from sturdy materials but at the same time they should be light in weight so that lugging it around does not become much of a problem. There are many high quality fiberglass seating systems that are not only very colorful but are also crash resistant and extremely tough. 
·         When choosing these seating systems for babies, care should also be taken to replace them with newer versions should the need arise. 

Hence there are quite a few things that should be kept in mind while choosing a goo seating system for your child. It is not something that can be easily decided and there is quite a bit of due diligence process that has to be gone through. 


Monday, December 1, 2014

Luke, our Elf on the Shelf, made is back!

and oh what an entrance he made...

oh wait, is that Mr Randall, oops, I mean Luke, caught in the act... hehe

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Big bubees flew to Houston to see family, so it was just the 6 of us driving.
I recently traded in our BAV for a Toyota Sequoia - LOVE IT!!!! However, it does not have any entertainment. If you remember, our BAV had something like 4 built in TVs, including a 20in overhead with surround sound. So this is a huge difference for them. But, I have to admit, this momma is enjoying being TV-less. I really thought my stop would be to the audio store to pop in a few things to entertain the littles, but I'm really glad I didn't. Cause you know what? They talked! They sang! We played I Spy! Well, we played that a few more times than I cared to, but you get the point. They interacted with each other. 3 entire hours in the vehicle with out one single type of electronic device, nope, I didn't even bring the iPads. Well, I take that back, those sneaky little girls did get ahold of my phone at one one point cause I did find these cuties on there later:


Along with a few short videos they did also. Too dang cute.

So, we survived the trip and made it to my sisters. Ahhh, its always just so relaxing once we get there. And this is the longest I've gotten to stay in a long time, 5 days. It was great.
My sister and her family are so musically talented; they sang and played the entire time. I enjoy listening to them, soothes my soul
My nieces, Shalena and Lauryn, out riding
My eldest brother, Wayne. He's 71 already. And don't think I didn't give him a hard time about that. hehe
The sunrise over the ranch on my last morning
This Thanksgiving was very special because I was able to spend it with 2 of my sisters, and that means the world to me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014

I do believe this may be their favorite holiday. I mean seriously, what could be more FuN than dressing up and getting handed candy? LOL
I'm glad they enjoy it tho. We had a wonderful family evening. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

it's official

it's just the 7 (8w/BG) of us now.

Alex has experienced a true mid life CRISIS. Most of us will go through a mid life transition that leads us to evaluate our life and make adjustments, usually minor to direct us on the path we would like to head for our future. However, few will experience a crisis that completely and utterly changes very aspect of them. Unfortunately for us, Alex is one of them. And now, as of today, we are divorced.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

1 day!

Monday, October 20, 2014

2 days!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

3 days!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

4 days!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

5 days!!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

6 days

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

7 days

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

8 days

Monday, October 13, 2014

9 days

Sunday, October 12, 2014

10 days!

Monday, August 25, 2014

My spot

Do you see that little corner spot with the brown pillow? Yea, that's my sleeping spot. sigh

As much as I love snuggling with my littles, I am not getting sufficient sleep. And, as you can tell, its not the boys. They are tucked at the foot of the bed. The girls are stretched out all across the entire KING size bed. ugh

Is it time for school to start yet? I had told them once school starts they have to sleep in their own beds again. I am so ready for school to start! lol

Friday, August 22, 2014


one of their favorite places to eat out at right now is Mexican. I'm not sure if it's the cheese & bean dip with chips, carnitas, or this huge dessert they all get to share at the end that keeps them asking to go back. But we have become regulars at this joint lately.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

4th of July 2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Movie time

We r not much of TV peeps, we do not have any sort of cable, but I love TV on demand like Netflix and Amazon. Recently our TV went out and we just never replaced it. So when we do allow the littles to watch a movie they pile on the sofa and watch on the iMac!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bubbles bubbles

Arabella with a 'Santa beard' and they all sang 'Santa Clause is coming to town' in July! Silly silly kiddos.
They still love a good ol' bubble bath

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Arabella & Alesandra
Mommy actually fixed their hair on this day for church. 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

It takes the whole family...

To clean the pool.
All the children are involved.
They each have their own age-appropriate chores to help keep the pool clean and running. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Marriage & Family

Sunday, August 3, 2014

All of Me

Lex is simply talented. He began voice lessons in January. And participated In a local musical in the Spring. However, this was totally different. This was the County Fair! He competed in the county-wide "Got Talent" competition. No musical, no acting, no other distractions, just him and a microphone facing an audience. That is very different. Very nerve wrecking for a 13 year old boy for the first time. Did he win? No. Is this momma proud? Hell Yea!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daddy and his mini-me

These 2 are 2 peas in a pod. She loves her daddy and he loves his baby girl. 
In this pic they were on an ice cream date, just the 2 of them. Ahhh, how sweet. 

Zip Lining

The big boys went!
And this is the only pic mom got. But I'm grateful for it ��

Thursday, July 3, 2014

7 Steps to a Balanced Life

A balanced life? Can a wife really regain her balance once she becomes a mother?

It's our natural instinct to transfer the love we used to dote on our husbands onto our children (or at least it is for me). This leaves many husbands feeling left out, which leads to an imbalance in our marriage. This fact can honestly go unnoticed by many well-intentional wives for many years. For some this imbalance can go on until the couple reaches empty nest, when its just the two of them, and they are forced to focus of each other once again. So how can we stop this cycle and bring balance back to our marriage now? Michelle Perry Higgins, in her newest book, Stocks, Bonds & Soccer Moms 7 Steps to a Balanced Life, will explain just that and much more.

As I stated in my previous post, Married with Children, I am currently in need of a balanced life. I'm sure we could all use more balance in our lives. Sometimes we don't even realize we are off balance, we just know something is not 'right.' We feel tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or simply don't have enough 'me' time. We want time for ourselves, to take care of ourselves, but instead we put ourselves on the back burner in order to get our daily to-do list done. haha, who am I kidding? That never-ending to-do list is never really done, is it? Well, Higgins, will simplify the steps to a balanced life. I received her book several months ago to review, but felt too stressed to carve out any time for leisurely reading. Once I finally sat down with her book, Stocks, Bonds & Soccer Moms 7 Steps to a Balanced life, I wished I had taken the time months ago to read it.

I LOVE to read. I love to curl up with a cup of tea and get lost in the fantasy world of books. However, since having children my leisurely reading time has dwindled to … well, after the quads came - none! It seems that whenever I do take the time to read a book its for a specific reason, researching something in particular, trying to get the "expert" opinion on a subject or other various so-called self-help books. I usually get part way thru and give up, not readily getting the answer I am looking for. Or I skim the headings only. Or the book is so drawn out and boring I just can't 'get into it' enough to spend my sparse precious leisure time on and end up never finishing it. I am sure there are lots of very good written information to help with balancing ones life, but I have not found one so inthralling. I did not want to put this book down. Even with 6 children, I read it in just 2 sittings (maybe a couple hours total and that's with plenty of interruptions from kiddos). Higgins has truly written an easy to read and comprehend self-help book to help you recognize the changes you need to make in order to achieve a balanced life and happier you.

The part that really impressed me was that none of her suggestions are huge, hard, or time consuming. They are so simple and easy; small adjustments in everyday life that lead to huge changes in how you will feel about yourself and how you will view your world.

Since I received this book for free for writing my own honest opinion review, I would like to send it on to one of my readers so that you can read for yourself just how wonderful Stocks, Bonds & Soccer Moms 7 Steps to a Balanced Life, really is. Just leave me a comment or email me on my left side bar. Be sure to leave info for me to get back ahold of you please. I will pick one random reader on 7/13/2014 and send the book to you!

You can also purchase Stocks, Bonds & Soccer Moms 7 Steps to a Balanced Life on here.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


It’s a wonderful thing to be in love with another person. You know what it is to be in love and loved by someone else; how you feel when they are always there for you no matter how bad things are or how you can always count on them to make you feel better with a soft touch and a loving word.

That's all nice and all, but we all need to get in touch with the person who really matters the most in this world – ME!!!!/YOU!!!! If you’ve never known it before, you must come to understand there is only one person on this earth on whom you can completely depend and that is yourself. 

Be kind to yourself. 
Do not allow others to be unkind to you.

Respect yourself. 
Do not allow others to disrespect you.

Love yourself. 
You do not need someone else’s love to validate your worth.

Like yourself. 
Without “like” can there really be “love”?

If you can learn to respect, love and like yourself, others will take notice. You’ll have the self-confidence to truly accept the love of another.
Don’t do it for someone else, do it for yourself! You are important!

You are worthy of love and being loved. 
Know it. Believe it.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Be strong

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Have a friend that is hurting? Don't know what to say?


Saying these simple and honest statements will help them keep fighting.
1.) I love you and you are not alone.
2.) I am glad that you are my friend.
3.) You are stronger than you think you are.
4.) I can’t fix it but I will walk with you through it.
5.) Thank you for being brave enough to share this with me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


My babies are so excited to go to kindergarten. They have been in an excellent state sponsored 1/2 day preK program for 2 years now. But graduated and will begin kindergarten this fall. This winter they started getting excited, so we gave them the list of things that they would learn in kindergarten. Well, they have pretty much mastered them. They can all tie their shoes, but I only got a pic of Bella.
They can all spell, and write their FULL names.
Alesandra Crowe King
Aiden Crowe King
Ashton Crowe King
Arabella Crowe King

And they can all write their numbers to 100
They are also all working on phonics and recognizing sounds and beginning reading. Mrs Becky does a wonderful job working with them.