Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back to school!!!!!!

What a amazing feeling to have all 6 in school full time. Wow! ūüėÉ with it being just me and my 6 now, this momma is busy!
Lex started his sophomore year cool as a cucumber with no worries at all. He just goes with the flow anyway. Lex is very (sometimes too much) laid back and easy going. It sure doesn't let too much bother him. This will serve him well later in life, esp if he has a high stress job. However, right now I'd appreciate at least some reaction when I get onto him. Lol. In reality tho, Lex has assumed the father-figure position in our house, esp to the littles, and I rarely have to say anything to him. Lex is caught up in football fever right now. He loves to play football. 
Adre began his high school career. He was a bit nervous but came thru appearing ever so confident, as only he could do. Adre has been keeping himself occupied in the computer world. Doing what? I'm not sure! Lol. He is self-teaching using the Internet to build computers, coding, web designing and managing servers. That boy is so highly motivated I can't wait to see what he does next. 
I know these next few years are going to fly by so quickly and my first borns will be leaving the nest. So I am trying to treasure these moments best I can. 
And I just have to say, these two young men are the loves of my life. I cherish my time with them. They make my life so enjoyable. 
The littles started 1st grade. They are all in the same class, same teacher, same homework ūüėČ. It makes it so much easier on me to treat homework as if we were in a classroom. We all sit together as I read the instructions. And listen to each other as they read their assigned stories. These are moments to treasure. 
All 4 are playing extra-curricular football, on the same team of course. They don't much care for it, but it keeps them active. 
They have spent most of their summer swimming but their favorite past time is playing on their tablet and/or watching cartoons. 
As I mentioned above, it is now just me and my 6/7. Anastasia stayed with us every other week during the summer and will continue every other weekend during the school year. We no longer have a helper. So everyone has picked up chores, which I'm loving. I created a chore list for big boys and a separate list for littles. The littles list consists of 5 different sections, each color coded and include about 10 chores each. I purchased colored wide rubber bands to coordinate with each list. Every week the littles switch bands and are responsible for completing the chores of their color list. So far this is working wonderfully. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mommy's little rascals

My littles boys have blossomed beyond my expectations since the divorce. They are so funny, so full of life, smiles so much. Especially Ashton, he will do anything for a laugh. 

Mommy's princesses

Love these smiles!

Mommy's big boys

Just look at these fine young men! I can't even call them boys anymore, but you know I still do. Hehe. 

Mommy's little goofballs

I have so much girly fun time with these two. They love make-up and painting nails and fixing hair. It's a girly-girl dream house. Lol. The boys just sigh and go hang out with big bubees on their tablets. Hehe

Mommy's little monkeys

Our favorite time is still snuggling in mommys  bed. 

Ring around the Rosie

The pool is the favorite hang out spot. 

Just like mommy

Arabella wants to be a 'house mommy' so bad. She just loves learning how to take care of the house. She will do do anything and everything that has to do with her home. She loves to help clean, cook, laundry and now is learning to hand sew. I frequently reattach an ear or tail or sew closed a hole on a beloved stuffed animal. Well, the last couple times Bella asked to do it. And she did. I just adore her. She is still the 'princess'. Loves to wear dresses and make up and fix up her hair. Her future plans (as of kindergarten) is to have lots of babies and be an 'exercise teacher'. 
Arabella aka Bella aka Princess

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Allee reading

Allee was the first to start reading. It is so precious to witness such proud moments.
Now they all are all beginning to read and take turns reading our bedtime stories.

One of their favorite things to do in the winter is skating on our fish pond.

Lex watches some video about unicorns and llamas, so for Christmas he received rubber mask to play. But the littles seem to enjoy them just as much. This is Allee:

The littles love to go to the park and feed the ducks:

Sunday, March 1, 2015

the ODD space

There's this empty space between my bathroom and bedroom that I've never really known what to do with. I suppose it was designed to be a sitting room. It has a big picture window with a nice view of the woods beyond our backyard. I could imagine me cuddled up on a big plush chair with a nice cup of Zen tea leisurely reading my books... but that's all I could do is IMAGINE it. LOL Because that space has been many things since I've lived here, but its never been a space for leisurely anything. It has always been adapted for the needs for the quads. From a space for bathing, diaper changing station, extra sleep area for the crying one, play area with vanities and dress up clothes, to most recently, its where they get ready for school in the mornings. However, back in the day, BQ (before quads), it was a space I used to work out in. So that is what I decided to do with it again. Whenever I am working out the littles want to be under my feet, so I found them their own work-out station... and they love it!
Arabella really gets into it. She will even lead circuit training with the others. Setting up different stations for them to do and calling out "switch". It's too cute!


Of course the boys love the punching bag. And what better way to get out some aggression. Mommy uses it a lot!

And I added a power stand, however, the littles use it more for gymnastics. They scare the crap out of me, those girls can run and jump up, twist and twirl, flip over and land. Wow! Maybe I should put them in a class huh?
Anyway, now our ODD space is a place for the entire family to come.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

enjoying the snow

Aiden, Ashton, Allee, Bella

Aiden and Bella
trying to find the ice on the fish pond
ice skating on the fish pond



I love these:
btw: they are standing on the pool cover






Bella and Aiden

nice butt shot

The weather has been very brutal this week, the kiddos missed the entire week of school. They certainly didn't seem to mind. They enjoy playing in the snow.
All these pics were taken by Amanda! Dream Big photography